Group IT Manager / CIO Despec Group Head Office

  • Despec Group B.V. (former Van Dorp Despec Groep NV, international -22 countries- distributor of computer and office supplies), assignment from Ventus. Later I joined Despec Group NV.

  • Group IT Manager / CIO Despec Group Head Office
    > Responsible for the central IT department and global projects & platforms
    > Review central and local IT organisations, advise on future IT organisation and e-commerce activities
    > Install international, central IT organisation, centralisation of IT strategy
    > Initiate and implement the new corporate website, online ordering solutions (B2B), data warehouse, PIM-system and standardisation of processes
    > Centralisation and standardisation of the application and network landscape (ERP systems Bridge & SAP, e-Commerce solution ROES and HP)
    > Crisis management and reorganisation of the ICT departments in the Benelux
    > Projects for Millennium / Y2K and introduction of the Euro
    > Responsible for budget, HR and delivery