E2E Owner Marketing Automation for the global eCRM / Lead Management program & projects

  • Drive cooperation and alignment between Product Owners, IT-delivery, external suppliers, digital marketing departments and other connected platforms. Manage overall demand & alignment towards IT for the eCRM portfolio. Manage eCRM Product Owners and align with Product and Platform Owners of related portfolios and platforms

  • Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the eCRM automation applications portfolio
    > eCRM B2B and B2C instances, CRM-system, CDP / Customer Data Platform (contact profile management & enrichment), Call Centre systems (acted as co-product owner), including multiple integrations

  • Integrations amongst others between CRM and the eCRM B2C + B2B instances, CRM and eCRM systems with the call center application, call center application, CRM and eCRM systems with the data warehouse for management dashboarding and reporting, several webform applications, B2C data lake with CRM B2C instance, CDP with the CRM B2B and B2C instances, websites, and e-Learning platform with the eCRM B2B instance

  • Drive adherence to (master) marketing data standards and data clean-ups to improve the flow of marketing data between connected systems and platforms. Including ad-hoc data clean-ups
    > The eCRM-instances also served as central contact repositories for storing and managing opt-ins, agreement to terms-of-use and privacy policies (multi-lingual opt-in / double opt-in flow, country and language specific)

  • Coordinate & chair eCRM business change & control board, prioritise and/or (de-)escalate changes and issues. Including impact analysis of other  projects and programs (a.o. rebranding of Philips Lighting to Signify, enabling multi-branding in the CRM-landscape, onboard additional brands on the eCRM platform)

  • Determine impact of changes on the eCRM and connected landscapes together with the team. Take impact of changes on the ‘eCRM application-chain’ into account. Align with other E2E-owners and project & program managers