Program manager Marketing Performance Management | Implementation of MPM-system Allocadia

  • Pilots in two regions and 5 countries

  • Global deployment (17 regions / 50+ countries) of the Marketing Performance Management system Allocadia. This Marketing Performance Management system was implemented to:
    > Support budgeting of all marketing activities, and coordinate and align between central and local marketing activities
    > Through performance (marketing KPIs and PIs, MROI) and (automated) spend tracking, gain (detailed, real time) insight into budget allocation and exhaustion, as well as in the performance of campaigns
    > Be able to make decisions on budget allocation and MROI of marketing initiatives and campaigns, based on data

  • Devising and planning the implementation approach together with the project team
    > Global rollout by 2 “flying teams”
    > To newly appointed key users and local marketing management
    > Fixed multi-day training approach, supplemented with an online FAQ, instruction materials and online video instructions plus a support desk
    > The training approach has been piloted and finalised in 2 locations
    > In about 6 months, the global implementation was realised through more than 20 implementations

  • Alignment of master data standards (especially finance / accounting, purchasing and marketing KPIs / metrics) and integrations with workflow and Sap/Ariba. Also marketing management dashboarding in the Allocadia’s BI tooling (integrated with GoodData)

  • Creating the Allocadia 2018-2020 roadmap and program, commissioned by and together with the business owner and process owner