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Need help initiating, executing or restructuring a project or program? Or with initiating a new service?

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Have use for an experienced, independent manager, advisor or sparring partner to support you?

It was a pleasure to work with Jack, as he helped us to get things organized and most importantly – DONE. When necessary he dove into the process & technical details and worked with the subject matter experts to get things sorted out. He helped us to build bridges between Marketing, IT and vendors. Although Jack is informal, easy going and enjoys a joke, he takes ownership and is very serious about his responsibilities and deliverables. His performance was outstanding and as soon as the project ended we found him a next big program to help us with. I would, definitely, recommend Jack for any large and complex program.

Head of Global Commercial Excellence, Signify

Efficiency, ownership and a huge drive to help are the words which flash in my mind when I think about Jack. Not to forget his pleasant character and good sense of humour. I hired Jack for 15 months to help shape the eCRM program for Signify (Philips Lighting), more specifically representing and managing the eCRM automation application portfolio & related integrations and processes with IT. His contribution has been instrumental for where the program is today. I would definitely recommend to have a cup of coffee with Jack if you are looking for someone to manage a, complex, marketing automation program.

Global Director eCRM & Marketing Automaton, Signify

I worked with Jack in a rebranding project. Before we could start with rebranding we were dealing with adoption resistance amongst senior stakeholders. Topics as brand, identity, reasons to rebrand were not a given. Jack helped us using excellent persuasive storytelling with examples from many projects he led.
He is an expert with top-notch execution on both strategic and pragmatic level when situations demand this. He excels in resolving complex problems, always starting from a helicopter view.
Although he is serious about his work, he gives an air of lightness to complex situations. Jack is a warm and wonderful person and I hope we will have the opportunity to again work on a big project together someday.

Manager Global Brand & Digital Communications, DLL Group

Jack is result-driven and ambitious. When he believes in an opportunity, he will go for it. Broad overview with regard to ICT matters.

Jack is a sharp, strategic thinker, with vast knowledge in various areas eg. business management, online and IT projects. He is also loyal to business partners and always eager to go one step further for clients and colleagues.

Directeur Marketing & Communicatie, Universiteit Twente

Jack is enthusiastic, passionate and ambitious. Translates complex issues into clear goals and structures. As manager he leaves room for your vision and working methods. He develops the strengths of his employees, provides room for learning, challenges and also to make and learn from (calculated) mistakes. He takes the lead, stimulates and supports team members / employees to learn and grow.

Proces Manager Centre of Expertise Healthy Ageing, Hanzehogeschool Groningen

Jack is a highly skilled and organised Project Manager. He has an eye for detail and the ability to translate briefs into reality. Jack has a good sense of humour and is an all-round great colleague to work with!

Global Commercial Excellence Specialist, Signify

Jack tells you exactly what to do. When you just follow his instructions, 90 procent of the time you will be very happy you listened to him after the job has been done. Jack is also a very warm person, who genuinely cares about people. This human quality makes it very easy to allow him to tell you what to do. Hire Jack, and find out yourself!

Design advisor & communication projectlead , DLL-Group

Jack is a great asset to any team based on his work ethic and go-getter demeanor. I had the opportunity to work alongside him on planning the initiation phase of an omnichannel inquiry management process project. He is well-versed in understanding the business needs and technical intricacies and provides optimal solutions for best results. Highly recommend working with Jack as he offers many beneficial skills!

Business Process Expert, Signify

You have applied a clear project organisation and reporting structure. As you challenged project goals and approaches, clarified circumstances and dependencies, aligned with management and by driving pogress, people came up with solutions. The projects were successfully executed. The Executive Board unanimously appreciated your efforts and they were sorry that you left. I enjoyed working with you.

Program Manager, Friesland Bank

Jack is a strategist and able to determine and describe how to achieve the various goals. He is alert on details but without losing the overall objective. At the same time he is conscientious, accurate, and a very fine person to work with.

International Marketing& Sales Manager, Van Dorp Despec Groep

Jack was responsible for setting up a international IT organisation for the Despec Group. He succeeded to structure this organisation and was able to “sell”this structure to all subsidiaries. I know Jack as a very driven (sometime even “to” driven) personality.

IT Manager Benelux & France, Despec

Jack is a real professional with good analytic and communication skills with expertise on branding and knowledge of impact on business and IT. I can recommend Jack for every (re)branding jobs.

Project Manager, Centraal Beheer
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